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How to become a teacher

Becoming a BigBook Instructor is easy and hassle-free. Apply today, it's free, and learn to make e-courses.

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Becoming BigBook Instructor is easy. You just need to have an academic degree or skill certificate or at least prove your proficiency to our admin for whatever you want to teach. And, we can get you started.
Steps to follow:
  • First of all, create your free account with us.
  • After having accounted created and verified, Go to the 'Become An Instructor' link and apply for Instructor Profile Form.
  • Documents Required for Instructor Profile Form: (1) Your Photo (Jpg/png format, (2) Your ID Proof (jpg/png format), (3) Academic/Skill Certificate (jpg/png/pdf format), (4) Your Updated CV/Resume (jpg,png,pdf format)
  • All set. Fill up the form correctly and apply. If your form did not get approved within 72 hours, then please contact us directly at +977-9851165757 | 9802365757
  • Instructor Rules are Plain and Simple.
    (1) Only Teach what you are confident of and what you know best.
    (2) Teach to the point and avoid unnecessary explanations. Keep your content precise.
    (3) While using graphics in your content, use decent graphics keeping in mind that students from all levels might join your courses.
    (4) For health/Sex education-related content, nude graphics are allowed but require the admin's prior approval and inspections of graphics intended to use.
    (5) Do not ask for any hidden fees from students that are registered with us for your courses that are published on our platform.
    (6) Be honest and apply every discipline behavior that is required to be a responsible Instructor. Thank You! Happy Teaching Online, Cheers!
    Follow our Instructor guide on making eLearning content @ Just Rs 499/-

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    Before you apply as Instructor. Login & Fill in the Instructor Profile Form-only available once you are logged in.