There is no better way for people to learn and absorb new information than when it’s presented as a story. Stories are based on common knowledge which evokes familiarity and connection with the subject, making it much easier to integrate new ideas. The engaging animation and interesting narrative make it an enjoyable and fun experience to watch the video, while it simultaneously delivers the information in a way that the brain really absorbs.

2D & 3D animated videos have proven to be a very successful tool for businesses, and the same elements can be applied to education. Numerous studies have proven that visual stimulation increases the retention of new information. With the auditory approach alone, the average person usually recalls less than half of the material presented to them. But with visuals included, researchers have found that this number increases up to 80 percent. This is why 2D & 3D animated video is the perfect combination of both visuals and audio that results in the highest retention rates.